Introduction and Quick Setup

This is my personal blog where I’ll talk about things that interest me. I’m an avid gamer and highly competitive. I love high level play, and especially MOBAs. There’s something about having a team of five people, controlling avatars with different skills to utilize, working to secure objectives. The teamwork involved, the competitiveness,the mechanics, I love it all.

Current game of interest: League of Legends.

Competitive roles I play: Assassin, Mage, Marksman, Support.

Favourite champion at the moment: Kassadin.

Ermagerd…Kass is way cuter as a girl :)

I’m also interested in all things technology and business related, including information security, project management, network admin. That’s because it’s related to my degree, B.Comm. in Business Technology Management from Ryerson University.

Some random things about me, I enjoy science fiction in movies and books and I read often. Usually I read thrillers that are face paced, multilayered and complex. I love deception in a book and really enjoy all that double and triple bluff stuff that happens. I guess you can tell I REALLY like game theory as a subject in general. I have a special place in my heart for horror movies and novels as well.

Going to Ryerson University is great as I find myself in the downtown core often. I love to go out with my friends, I enjoy their company. So if you’re reading this and you’re downtown Toronto we should get coffee or go for a drink (I know great bars) and discuss the state of the MOBA metagame! :D

Like a G6 - Laptop Overheating Issue

So my old HP dv6700 laptop is still chugging along, but I realized that it was unusually noisy. How noisy? Kind of like a G6 plane taking off…CONSTANTLY! The fan vents felt extremely hot so my first guess was that its overheating due to dust buildup. Something had to be done.

I tested the temperature of the CPU, Graphics Card and Hard Drive with a free program from Piriform called Speccy which basically gives you a lot of information about your computer and its various components. These are the numbers I got when I tested the temperature:

  • CPU: 80C (Yikes!)
  • Graphics Card: 70C
  • Hard Drive: 50C

I bought a can of Dynex Compressed Gas Duster for $3 (on staff purchase :D), came home and took out the battery and popped off the underside covers of the laptop. I took the compressed air, held it level and sprayed short 2 sec bursts inside the vents and directly into the fan. I should have opened a window because it was like a sandstorm of dust. I put back in the battery and screwed the covers back in. Time to test it out.

I turn it on and it litterally purrs, I didn’t know my laptop could be so quiet. I wanted to do a follow up temperature gauge just to see the difference so I loaded up Speccy:

  • CPU: 50C
  • Graphics Card: 45C
  • Hard Drive: 40C

What a difference! I did that yesterday and the values are still holding steady today. Three dollars total cost isn’t too shabby.

Conclusion: If your laptop:

  • feels very hot at the back or side vents
  • sounds like a DeWalt drill going at full speed
  • shuts off randomly even when plugged in for no reason

Save yourself the trouble of getting a new laptop, throwing it away or trying to claim a warranty. Pick up a can of compressed air at any retail electronics store and get to work! :)